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When asking someone to research your family tree, it is important to understand exactly what you are getting. Many websites or genealogy companies will claim to offer you scores of names of your ancestors for very little money. In fact many of the names you will be given may be no relation to you at all, they could be little more than strangers who shared your surname at the time of a Census report.

A Findtree Gift Report will only tell you about individuals that we can prove are related to you. This proof comes from our use of multiple verifiable events, such as births, marriages or deaths.

Before Findtree includes anyone in your Family History Gift Report, we insist on at least two sources of information to confirm each link to that individual. These sources of information will be either primary (a civil record or parish record) or secondary sources (a census record or some other kind of local record). This is why Findtree asks you for one verifiable date to begin the process.

Having received your Family History Gift Report, if you would like us to explain the chain of evidence used to build your family tree, please ask.

Our other key difference is a personal touch. So many family history services will provide you with little more than a list of names and dates (perhaps with some pictures of Census returns, printed from a search engine). Even if the facts are right, we don't believe this helps give colour and depth to your family history.

Of course, every Findtree Family History Gift Report contains names, dates and census information. However, the real value of our Gift Reports comes in the wide range of additional historical narrative we give to make your family's history come to life.

For each individual, a Findtree Family History Gift Report provides a detailed, personalised social history. This will include a wealth of information about where, how and when each person lived.

  • How the family lived and developed as a unit;
  • What their job was and what this meant for their community;
  • Whether they stayed in one place all their lives or travelled;
  • Key features of the areas in which they lived.
We believe that this additional level of detail and background colour to each member of your family tree truly gives a sense of history and place for each recipient of a Findtree Family History Gift Report. This is why they are a truly exclusive, unique gift.

Background | What Makes Us Different | What Else You Need To Know

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