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Additional Lines | Deluxe Presentation

The Findtree Personal, or Couple, Family History Gift Reports provide a marvellous present for anyone, young or old. In this section are a few additional services Findtree offers to compliment our great gift products.

Additional Lines for Gift Report

The Findtree Personal Family History Gift Report follows a single line down to an individual. The Findtree Couple Family History Gift Report follows two single lines, one for the bride and one for the groom. These are usually the parental line, since this shows the recipients the history of their surname, which for most people is the strongest indication of their "family". Of course, we will mention any other individuals we find connected to this line.

You may also wish to include a record of other branches of the family tree, such as tracing the maternal line or following another surname.

You may add as many additional lines to a Findtree Family History Gift Report as you wish, so long as you can provide us with enough information about that line for us to start with, or it is based on a person Findtree identifies whilst researching your family tree.

If you include Additional Lines in your Findtree order, we will include some information sheets so you can tell us which Additional Lines you want us to follow.

Each Additional Line is priced at £200

Additional Lines | Deluxe Presentation

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