Findtree History Research By The Hour

You can buy Findtree Family History research by the hour. This service could be used to enhance a Findtree Family History Report with a particular piece of research, or you could use it to get professional help with your own family history research.

You may have hit a brick wall with your own research and want some expert guidance, or just a second pair of eyes to look at a problem.

You may need someone to research records in a particular part of the world that is not local to you, to progress your research.

Or, maybe, you just want some family history research to be conducted without a full presentation report being produced.

Any expenses incurred in hourly research, such as travel expenses to inspect parish records, or to obtain Copy Certificates will be charged additionally.

Findtree research is £50 per hour. If your enquiry is simple, you may only need to allow a couple of hours, but our experience suggests that most pieces of independent research require at least half a day, 4 hours, to explore fully. Make sure you take advantage of our reduced fee by booking a half day via the order page.

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