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Findtree Personal Reports are the perfect way to find out about your own family history. They also make ideal birthday or christening presents.

They trace an individual's family history back down a single line - typically their Paternal line. This provides a valuable and enlightening history of the origin of their own surname over several generations, usually the strongest indication anyone has to their family history.

The Findtree Personal Report will also mention any other individuals identified in researching this parental line, such as paternal (great) grandmothers as well as aunts and uncles, to build a comprehensive picture of that line of the family.

The person at the bottom of the tree is usually the recipient of the Findtree Family History Report, however we do not have to start our research with that person, or even their parents or grandparents. If you can provide us with details of all these people - via the Information Sheets in the Welcome Pack - then we can start researching your family history back from that point, provided you can prove the information you give us.

The price of the Findtree Personal Report, provided in our Premium Presentation Package, is £350.

To find out what bespoke options are available to add to your gift, see our extras page.

Contents | Presentation | Personal Reports | Couple reports

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