Findtree Customer Testimonials

A selection of comments from satisfied Findtree customers:

Julian Lennon, London.
“Working with Findtree has enabled me to research the facts about who my ancestors really were; to get to the truth behind rumours and stories and replace these with concrete information.
Sarah Halton's diligence and innovation in her research means I now have a clear picture of the Lennon pedigree along with new details about uncles, cousins and aunts that I never knew existed. When it appeared that there were no more family roots to unearth, Sarah found inventive ways to dig deeper.
Sarah and Findtree were a pleasure to work with, keeping me updated regularly and finally presenting me with a beautiful finished product. The volumes are well-written with great historical insights and I would recommend Findtree to anyone wishing to know more about their family history. ”

Joanna Ward, Gerrards Cross, Bucks.
“My mother thought that her family tree was the best present for her 70th birthday. It has provided all kinds of insights which has made it an endless source of information and entertainment. Thank you very much for researching it so thoroughly. You are a star and its a real winner!”

David Harper, East London.
"the report arrived this morning. I've only had a chance to glance at it so far but it's very well put together and I really like the way you've written the narratives, managing to evoke the social history of the time very effectively. I'm looking forward to reading it in more detail over the Xmas break.
Thanks again for all the work you've put into this -- the result is fantastic and I'm looking forward to talking to my brother about it over Christmas ."

John Gurney Brock, Birmingham, Alabama, USA.
"Curiosity about our family history caused me to contact Sarah Halton, a professional Genealogist in the UK. I confirmed her credentials through a genealogist in the USA who said she was highly regarded in her profession. My assignment to her was to dig as deeply as possible for the history of our family in the UK. The assignment was open ended as I did not care how long it took to thoroughly research these family links. I now have the finished report and I am writing as a very satisfied client who would heartily recommend Sarah to anyone interested in a professional approach to family genealogical research.
It has taken over 12 months and involved her visiting churches, government records offices and cemeteries for a visual inspection of gravesites and she was thorough to say the least. In the final report, she provided copies of the all the records, photos, maps and other supporting documentation to substantiate the line of heirs in my family. Unfortunately, no lost rich uncles were found but just good solid common folk in my familial history. I would certainly recommend anyone interested in a thoughtful, professional and thorough research into family history to contact Sarah Halton. I think I received excellent value for the cost of her services ."
"Again, many thanks for the very thorough job you did and the pleasure of getting to know you personally. Mena and I enjoyed this experience very much. Best of luck to you, John"

Jan Carter, Denham Garden Village, Uxbridge.
"Picked up the report and Mum is busy reading through - she absolutely loves it."

George Meyer, Hampstead, London.
"the reunion was a resounding success and I must thank you for all your help in making it possible."

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